Mithra Pendant Necklace - Black

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These pendants are a symbol of feminine sisterhood and friendship. Wear this piece to draw strength and power from your inimitable feminine bonds and the sacred qualities of the feminine spirit: grace, wisdom, compassion and bravery.

Each piece is a talisman, handcrafted from unexpected, organic materials and transformed into distinctive forms that share the stories of brave women and celebrate empowering feminine narratives.

The Handcrafted Details

  • Thin rope embellished with gold beads and set in a circular form
  • This necklace is adjustable; it is open at the back and can be tied high on the neck or down low
  • Length ranges from approximately 6-21" long
  • Care: To ensure longevity, handle and store with great care. To remove dirt, wipe with a damp cloth.
  • Country of Origin: Handcrafted in South Africa