Ethiopian Fair Trade Coffee Beans - 300g

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**Not included in store closing sale**

Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee and we are so happy to offer this exceptional blend!  The roast profile on this coffee is aligned with the delicate nature of this very special coffee.  This coffee will work very well through a drip machine, it is also incredibly rewarding through a pour-over or other filter method that allows the sweetness to shine through.

Description:  Certified Organic, Fair Trade, 300g bag of coffee beans

Roast Profile: Medium

Tasting Notes: Sweet, juicy, lovely

Taste Description: Sweet citrus, light berry, sweet almond, milk chocolate, black tea

Origin: 100% Single Origin Certified Organic Ethiopian Arabica Beans

Elevation: 1,700-1,950 metres above sea level 

Social ImpactSustainable waste management and renewable biogas projects

*Please note: coffee scoop and trivet both sold separately.