Circe Necklace

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This necklace celebrates the heroic journey of Circe, one of ancient Greek mythology's most notorious protagonists. Circe's name 'Kirke' is derived from the Greek verb kirkoô meaning "to secure with rings" or "hoop around". This is the reference to the binding power of magic for which Circe was best known.

Jewellers brass is composed of Copper and Zinc. Brass has metaphysical healing properties to boost the immune system and give courage.

Each piece is a talisman, handcrafted from unexpected, organic materials and transformed into distinctive forms that share the stories of brave women and celebrate empowering feminine narratives.

The Handcrafted Details

  • Made of thin, re-purposed braided rope linked with brass and rope combinations and finished with brass end caps
  • Colours: Beige with black rope closure that screws open/closed
  • This necklace is approx. 8" in length
  • Care: To ensure longevity, handle and store with great care. To remove dirt, wipe with a damp cloth.
  • Country of Origin: Handcrafted in South Africa