Carved White Bird Ornament

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Jacaranda trees add to the beauty of Rwanda, with their feathery leaves and small purple flowers.  They are also special in that they grow back after being cut.

Artisans use Jacaranda branches to carve these charming little birds, which are similar in size to Rwandan fire finches.

They look beautiful clustered against the dark evergreen of a Christmas tree.

Please note that the shape of the bird ornaments vary slightly due to the styles of the individual woodcarvers.

The Handcrafted Details

  • Hand-carved from branches of the Jacaranda tree
  • Available in matte white painted finish
  • Length: Approximately 4.3 inches
  • Care: If your white bird gets scuffed, a white eraser should do the trick!
  • Country of Origin:  Handcrafted in Rwanda