Boutique Vestine Green Woven Bowls

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Named after its expert weave maker Vestine, Boutique Vestine Green Woven Bowls were inspired by a fabric Vestine found (pictured below). It is a challenge for most weavers to take an established pattern and weave it with perfect balance and excellence in every stitch.  Vestine has a gift which she shares with all of us in this beautifully designed bowl.

Vestine helps her family in many ways with her weaving income - buying clothes for herself and her siblings, food for the family and paying for national health insurance. She also is saving to fulfill her dream of starting a small business selling in the city market.

All of our woven bowls are created from dyed natural sisal fibres woven over a core of forest grasses. The weavers begin in the middle of the bowl, carefully threading the sisal around and around to create this beautiful design. The tea colour is created when the naturally-white sisal fibres are steeped in Rwandan-grown tea leaves!

The Vestine Green bowls are made by artisans from the Abibumbye Cooperative.  We invite you learn more about them here.

The Handcrafted Details

  • Crafted from natural sisal fibres threaded over a core of locally-gathered forest grasses
  • Artisans work 1-2 days to weave a small bowl/ 2-3 days to weave a medium bowl
  • Each woven bowl has a loop on the back for hanging
  • Dimensions: Small - 7" diameter/ Medium - 12" diameter
  • Care: Wipe with a damp cloth
  • Country of Origin: Handcrafted in Rwanda