CPEFO Amizero Cooperative

Several years ago, the local parish of the Catholic Church in Gisagara District chose Sixbert, Media and Clementine, among others, for a year-long training program for vulnerable youth. Each participant was an orphan who had become the head of their household, in charge of the care of their younger siblings or elders.  When the training was complete, they decided to join together in a cooperative to try to turn their newly-learned skills into a profession.  This union in craft eventually led to another union...a few years ago Sixbert and Media were married and are now building their own family!

With the money they have earned from their partnership with Azizi Life, Sixbert and Media have been able to construct a home with electricity and water for their family.  Clementine has been able to buy land locally.

Sixbert, Media and Clementine’s specialty is creating home goods from hand twisted banana twine.  It is their togetherness and their craft that is leading them towards amizero – hope.