October 29, 2021

How to Hang a Bowl Wall (Blog)

By Krista Molson
How to Hang a Bowl Wall (Blog)

Step 1: Pick + Hang Your Feature Bowl

Picking the feature bowl for your wall will allow you to figure out which one will be the focal point—the one that you’ll hang all of the others around.  Hang this bowl first and check out the short video below to see how we use thumbtacks (before going all in with nails) while you’re still working out the layout and spacing of your bowls.

Step 2: Get An Apple

One of the biggest questions we get is how to space the bowls correctly. So, grab an apple, an orange or just use your clenched fist and place it between the bowls in order to get your spacing just right.

Step 3: Finalize Bowls

Since you’ve already hung your feature bowl, now you can begin to finalize all of the bowls that will go around it. Hold your bowls up against the wall and use your eye (or ask someone to help you) to position the bowls (using an apple for spacing and thumbtacks to hang) and begin building out your bowl wall. When you’re hanging each individual piece you’ll begin to see the wall come to life. Make any adjustments you need to along the way.

Step 4: Use Nails (if you want to)

Remember that from the side you will see what’s holding the bowls up, but from a distance, you won’t actually see the clear thumbtacks. But if you want something sturdier because you have kids or noisy neighbors upstairs, we suggest that you now hammer in some nails. Depending on the finishing of your home (whether you have gold accents or silver accents) choose gold or silver nails to match.

Watch the short video here explaining each of the steps above.

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